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The cheapest and easiest credit card in Indonesia

Content [Show] Payment instruments can not only use cash. In sophisticated loans the use of credit cards has become part of the means of payment using card media to carry out various kinds of transactions in this digital and modern era.even some of them have been called the most profitable credit cards because they are the easiest and cheapest to use.

When planning to open a credit card, there are many kinds of credit card options that you can find. The many types of ATM cards offered may confuse you.For example, how do I get the best credit card? Which card option best suits your current needs? Especially those that provide the cheapest and most practical low monthly interest rates?

To be able to answer these important questions, you need to listen to reviews of 10 popular credit cards of all time with the best quality.the function of a credit card that has become a lifestyle can make it easier for all your needs to make transactions. You can enjoy these benefits well if you know the tips and tricks for getting a good credit card. For more information, let's look at the explanation below.

The cheapest and easiest credit card in Indonesia


BCA Credit card 

You may have heard of BCA credit cards often in Indonesia. Because it is true that BCA exists as one of the most well-known and best publishers. This is supported by BCA Bank, which has the largest or most extensive ATM network and its popularity is recognized by various groups. You can get various advantages.ranging from low interest rates and often offer 0% installment programs for transactions on e-commerce.

However, BCA is well known for being quite difficult to provide credit cards. Why? Because applying for a credit card can only be done online and customers need to have a savings account at Bank BCA first.

Citibank Credit Card    

Citibank is one of the most popular credit card issuing banks in Indonesia. Many Indonesians are familiar with him.How come? When other banks did not yet have a credit card, Citibank was the first to enter into this credit card business with various facilities and features for credit cards that are attractive and worth a try.

Mandiri Credit Card    

Bank Mandiri is the bank with the largest asset ownership plus the widest network in various regions in Indonesia.Bank Mandiri is included in a series of banks that issue the best credit cards. There is no doubt that the Bank Mandiri facility has at least 18 types of selected Bank Mandiri cards that are tailored to the needs of the users.

Bank Mega Credit Card

If you hear about Bank Mega, you may immediately associate it with a Carrefour credit card - Carrefour Mega Card.Do you know? This card is indeed the best credit card specifically issued by Bank Mega, which has previously collaborated with PT. Carrefour Indonesia.

As we know, Carrefour Indonesia is one of the largest hypermart companies in Indonesia and is a subsidiary of CT Corp.So of course, you as a user will get various benefits for various transactions in all Carrefour stores.

BNI Credit Card 

Furthermore, it is not inferior in providing the easiest credit card in the process and at a relatively low cost.interestingly, BNI 46 has issued 24 types of credit cards, such as regular, co-brand, affinity, corporate and business cards. The process for applying for a BNI credit card is very easy where there are only a few requirements that need to be met.

CIMB Niaga Credit Card

CIMB Niaga provides several types of credit cards with various attractive of which is actively used up to now is a commercial card for various daily transactions. What has caught the attention of CIMB Niaga has issued a sharia credit card, the CIMB Niaga Syariah Gold Card with various convenient facilities and features.

HSBC Credit card 

HSBC credit cards with issuers that have long been operating on a global scale. This credit card is the best credit card that has been widely accepted in various regions of the country. So, you as a user don't need to be afraid or anxious about rejection while abroad.

DBS Credit card 

Different from the cards we mentioned earlier, DBS cards have their own advanced facilities and features that make them attractive. Inside there are two types of credit cards, namely digibank Visa Travel Platinum credit cards and digibank Travel Signature.The advantages it offers are so diverse, one of which is that transactions and management can be done online with the help of an application.

Permata Credit Card 

Bank Permata is one of the banks that also provides convenience in making transactions using a practical credit card. There are several types of cards in Bank Permata.some of them are the Permata Shoppibg card, Astraworld PermataCard, PermataHero Card and the AirAsia Platinum Credit Card.

One of the promos that attracted a lot of attention from gem banks is the 0% interest rate for retail transactions but does not apply to cash withdrawals. So that you will be interest free even if you pay a minimum period applies and there are many other types of promos.

UOB Credit Card

UOB Bank is a bank originating from the country of Singapore and publishes retail banking products from the Bank of Indonesia's neighboring country.UOB Bank Credit cards offer a number of different feature offers that make it easy and meet your various needs that you might need.

The requirements for creating or applying for a card at UOB are fairly straightforward and simple. These requirements are almost the same as the requirements for applying for credit cards in general at other banks.such as covering adult age requirements, income and preparing various documents or files needed.

The description above is the latest information that contains the best types of credit cards as a payment tool in Indonesia with the lowest cost, easy use and to get it will not be difficult either.each type of credit card has its own strengths and weaknesses. With this basic information, it can help you consider which one is the most suitable.

In choosing a credit card, there are a number of tips that you can apply.for example determining the purpose of owning a card, comparing prices not only from interest rates but with other fees as well, what facilities are provided, use of transactions for foreign countries, security facilities and convenience of services and consultations. By understanding all these things, it is possible to get the best credit card yourself.