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Should Now Buy Gold / Property or Business

Content [Show] Should Now Buy Gold / Property or Business. This is one of the questions I receive most frequently in the lead up to and during a pandemic.

# The basic things that you must understand before buying gold / property / business investment:

1. Your aim of investing is simply to secure the value of assets, looking for profit or want to have passive income? are a beginner or experienced businessman / investor?

3. Are you ready to lose or want to play it safe?

4. Are you ready to study business / investment or want to close your eyes when your assets increase even though slowly?

Now from your answer, we can outline the right type of investment for you:

1. If you want to secure the value of assets / wealth from inflation (hedge) then buy gold.If you want to be profitable, invest in a lot of business or stocks, if you want passive income you can invest in property or stocks. Of course there are many other options such as debt securities, deposits, dollar savings, bitcoin, etc. but I will not discuss the others so that TDK expands.

2. If you have minimal business knowledge and investment, gold is relatively safe.because even though it goes up and down, in the long term gold continues to rise in price and you are unlikely to go bankrupt because of buying gold. 

Even though the possibility is always there, you usually buy gold at the end of an economic crisis at a very high price where the gold price that started up drastically suddenly drops again. So timing or timing is very important in investing.but if you store gold for a long time, for example 10 years, then you are definitely lucky. 

Although the benefits are not as much as investing in business or stocks. If you have experience or business knowledge, of course gold is not very interesting except at certain times, namely the economic crisis where inflation occurs and we need a Safe Haven besides the dollar. In addition, gold increases are usually quite high.

3.if you want to play it safe, please buy gold (other than debt securities or conservative deposits). If you dare to take risks, of course business investment is much more attractive because the benefits are unlimited.

4. Back again like number 3 that when you do business, you must be knowledgeable and always increase knowledge.if you are not ready then buy gold.

# What percentage of my total money do I have to buy gold or property?
The main investment is diversification. In general, the money I buy gold is around 5-30% of my total do i determine what the percentage is?

There are several factors:
If the economic conditions are good and the business grows, the portion of business investment will be increased. If the economic or political situation worsens, for example crises and riots, gold is certainly better.

Why does gold investment not exceed 30%?

1. Because even though gold is considered liquid, it is not really liquid or liquid.for example you have 10 kg of gold. Suddenly you need money urgently, for example a riot occurs, of course it is not easy to sell it. 

It's different if you have cash deposits (dollars, especially if in the USA or rupiah if in Indonesia). So it's different if our gold savings are only 10 grams, it will be easy to sell it. So many determining factors.

2. Because the main principle of investment is not put eggs in one basket. Should be divided by shares, deposits, cash at home, etc. Even if you buy gold, the opposite is diversified, for example: chips of 1 gr, 5 gr, 10 gr, 20 gr, 50 gr. 

So, for example, you need a little money, you don't need to sell all of your 100 gram gold. Even small pieces can be used immediately for transactions during an emergency.

3.because gold investment is not very profitable compared to investment in business / stocks / bitcoin / debt securities, etc. Of course the risks are also different.

4. Gold only provides a profit when it is sold, in contrast to a business or property that can generate profits from profits and rent.

# When is the right time to buy gold?
When we have the money.You don't have to wait for the price to go down because the main goal of buying gold is not looking for short-term profit like doing business. But for the long if later the price of gold goes down, it will definitely rise again.

# When is the right time to buy property?

Wait after the mid-recession many prices are offered below standard prices.

# When did you start doing business?

Whenever you are observant, there is always an opportunity, even when a recession gives birth to new billionaires.# What kind of gold should you buy?

We recommend that you buy gold bars (bar gold) or coins (bullion) because the production price is cheap.if you buy jewelry, the resale price is much cheaper because the production price is cut and usually the gold content is low.

# What gold bullion / coin should you buy?

You can buy Antam, or if you want one that can be traded internationally then my personal choices are the PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna goldbar (beautiful design), Valcambi Combibar (can be cut into 1 gram yourself). For gold coins, my favorites are the American Gold Eagle, Kanadian Maple leaf (beautiful design, easy to sell in USA) and South African Krugerrand Coin (the easiest to sell internationally). 

And the types of gold bar / coin above are also very popular globally so it is guaranteed not to be difficult to sell even if you are traveling to another country.There are also others that are well-known and easy to sell, such as the Perth Mint Gold Swan Coin, Chinese Gold Panda Coin, etc. but personally I don't like it.

# If you have a lot of gold at home it doesn't feel as safe as money in the bank but you want to buy gold, what's the solution?

- Rent a deposit box at the bank
- Buy a safe
- Rent international storage warehouse (eg in Switzerland, Toronto, Singapore, etc.).

I think that's the answer to questions about gold, business and property during a pandemic.