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Good way to charge a cellphone

Content [Show] In the digital era, most of the activities of human life are now carried out on smartphones. The more activities that are carried out via a smartphone, the more battery is used.

In addition, the more applications that are installed, and the more notifications you receive, the more a burden on the battery.this may cause the smartphone battery to degrade over time.

Even if a battery has a lifespan of between three and five years, or between 500 and 1,000 charge cycles, a five year old cell phone battery will never last as long as a new battery.

Quoting from Tech Advisor, here are tips on how to care for the health of your smartphone battery so that it lasts longer:

Charging Time

Ideally, your charge should be between 30 percent and 90 percent charged.So, charge it when it's below 50 percent, but unplug it before it reaches 100 percent. This means that you should avoid letting the smartphone battery get below 20 percent.

Avoid Men-charging Semaleman

As a rule, it's best to avoid overnight charging, even if you wake up comfortably on a full battery in the morning.indeed, most modern smartphones have a built-in sensor to turn off charging when it reaches 100 percent.

However, if they are still powered on, they will lose a small amount of battery when idle. Other rules, enable airplane mode and Do Not Disturb.and even better if you turn off your smartphone.

Security using fast-charging

The majority of modern smartphones support some type of fast charging, but this often requires you to purchase additional accessories.the industry standard is Qualcomm Fast Charging, which delivers 18W of power.

While fast charging itself won't damage your phone's battery, which is made to support it, the heat it generates can potentially impact its lifespan.

Using a smartphone while being charged

If you must use your smartphone while it is being charged, use the charger that comes with your phone, as it is definitely rated right.or make sure the third party charger is approved by your phone manufacturer.

Avoid parasitic loads

If you watch a video while it is charging it can "mess" the battery by creating a mini cycle, in which parts of the battery are constantly spinning and deteriorating at a faster rate than the rest of the cell.

Keep smartphone battery cool

Don't let it get too hot or too cold - especially when charging.if the phone gets too hot you will damage the battery so try to keep it cool if possible.

You should avoid leaving your smartphone in a hot car, on the beach, next to the stove. Typically, the battery performs optimally somewhere between 20-30 ° C, but if it's just short above that, it should be fine.