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Facebook is testing TikTok-style video formats

Content [Show] After adding the Reels feature to Instagram recently, Facebook is reportedly testing a TikTok-style video format for its main app.

Facebook confirmed the news to TechCrunch, Friday (14August), that they are testing a short video duration for the Facebook application in India, its largest market.

The test shows "Short Videos" has a special section in the News Feed.above it is a "Create" button, where users can tap it to open the Facebook camera or browse other users' short video uploads by swiping up.

"We're always testing the latest creative tools so we can learn about how people want to express themselves.Short videos are very popular and we are looking for new ways to provide this experience for people to connect, create and share on Facebook, "said a Facebook spokesperson.

Social media consultant, Matt Navarra, first revealed the new test's existence.

The test comes as Facebook continues to try to fill a gap after TikTok, the ByteDance app, was banned in India in late June.

Facebook launched the Reel in India last month, weeks before launching it to a number of other countries.

A source with knowledge of the matter said the Facebook service's daily engagement in India had increased by more than 25 percent since TikTok was blocked.

A number of local startups, including Twitter-powered ShareChat and Times Internet's Gaana and MX Player streaming services, have launched standalone apps or integrated features to replicate the social experience TikTok has provided users in recent weeks.

The local app claims to have added tens of millions of new users during that period.

YouTube has also been preparing a similar feature, still in the testing phase, for more users in India in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, TikTok is planning a way to re-enter the Indian market.byteDance is in talks with Indian multinational firm Reliance Industries to sell shares of local TikTok business, TechCrunch reported earlier this week.