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6 Features iOS 14 Change How You Use iPhone

Content [Show] Apple has released the latest operating system for its, Apple's latest operating system is available for users in beta form.

Thanks to the beta version, iPhone users can try out a number of interesting features on iOS 14. These new features include the ability to add widgets to the home screen, a drawer-like feature called the App Library, and use iMessage in new ways .

Among the features available, here are six features that will change the way you use your iPhone, after switching to iOS 14, as quoted from Cnet, Thursday (13/8/2020).

# Tag Someone on Text Conversation

The upcoming update to the Messages app announced by Apple is focused on the iMessage group conversation. You can flag someone in the conversation when you want to get their attention, and reply to messages right away, creating a threat to your conversation. It will also help grab their attention and ensure you get a timely response.

# Conversation Pin to the Top Message
Pinning conversations to the top of the Messages app means no need to scroll through long lists of contacts and group conversations to find your favorite contacts. The feature is very useful if you have an incoming group like family chat or friends that you talk to every day .

# The Application Now Has A Built-in Translate App
Instead of having to use the Google Translate app on the iPhone, iOS 14 has a translation app that lets you convert text and even have a conversation with someone who only speaks a different language.

You can translate English, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian.

# More Organized Home Screen with the App Library

Ever wish the iPhone had a drawer like Android? Now that happened immediately.the feature is called the App Library.the App Library is a new screen to the right of your recent home screen.

The feature automatically arranges all the applications in your phone in folders.the purpose of this feature is to make it easier for you to find all the applications installed on your iPhone. This goes hand in hand with another new home screen feature that lets you hide rarely used app pages.

# Widget Has New Look and Home
You no longer have to envy your friends who use, the iPhone can have a widget on the home screen. instead of limiting widgets to Today View which is on the side of the home screen, you can now add live widgets to your view with any size as an option.

In fact, there is a Smart Stack widget that will display information from various applications when you feel you need it. For example, it can show a weather widget followed by a calendar when you wake up in the morning.

# Picture-in-picture (PiP)

PiP creates thumbnails of videos that continue to play even when you have an app or other screen open.the feature will appear when you want to change gears to use a different part of the phone. But, you don't want to stop the video.